Miniature Labs

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Welcome to Miniature Labs!

Labs have been on the top of the list when choosing a family pet therapy dogs and hunting companions. 

The Miniature Labradors are really no different when it comes to temperament, looks and being family friendly. They are a bit smaller so they take up less space!  They still have all the great attributes as a standard lab like great coats, webbed feet for swimming and otter tails.

Here we are working to further the Miniature Labrador Retriever AKA "Labbe" AKA Miniature Lab as a breed. There have been a couple of good breeders that have invested a lot of time into the Miniature Labrador Retriever. We have just been fortunate to pick up where they have left off with the Miniature Lab / Labbe / Miniature Labrador Retriever breeding program. We hope that these dogs will continue to bless all of us with their GREAT personalities and their zest for life for a long time to come!

We are really excited to be able to own multi generation 75% miniature labrador retrievers now! We breed our miniature Labrador puppies using many of the breeds listed on our miniature lab breed origen page. However, we do try to keep "Lab" as our primary breed.

The reason that we use many of the breeds listed is because we have found that they all have a place in the program. By doing this, it helps to preserve what past miniature labrador retriever breeders have started as well as help build the future of the mini lab breed.



Above is a 15 month old standard labrador (Chocolate Left) 55-60lbs next to one of our miniature labs 15 months (right merle) 34lbs